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Skin Checks | Mole and Skin Tag Removal | CryoTherepy | And More

Sexual Health

Getting older doesn't have to mean less fun in the bedroom, we've got a variety of services to help!

Hormone Therepy 

Menopause comes for us all, but with proper monitoring we can make the transition to ___ easier!

And of course, everything else you love about Meesha (Injectables / Skin Care

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Taking care of your health

Everything you Love About Meesha... but for Wellness

Honesty, Transparency, Compassion and a dash of Fun - our Wellness team is under our Meesha Umbrella, so you can expect the same 5 Star Care!

Staff Members at all stages of Life - so they get it!

Friends in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, -- you get it -- are all welcome in our office - no matter what life is throwing your way, we have an answer!

Certified Dermatology Nurse Practiotioner
on Staff! 

We've got certified dermatology nurse practitioner on staff full time to answer your skin questions from Cosmetics to Health concerns, we're ready!

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